5 Minutes at Home with Amber Castles – Century 21®

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Balance during a pandemic is not an easy state to maintain. For Relentless Award Winner Amber Castles – it’s all about working on her business, supporting her community in the big (and small!) ways and taking advantage of these current circumstances to spend quality time with her family. We connected with Amber recently to learn about the ways she’s inspired to push through this pandemic in meaningful ways.

Are you doing anything differently to push forward with your day-to-day work in helping your clients during this time? How would you describe your new “normal”?

I love being able to reach out to see how I can assist families in my sphere of influence. I’ve found fun pop by’s that I’ll leave on their doorstep – the most recent was a “mom-mosa” for Mother’s Day! And for the seniors that did not get a chance to celebrate with their families, I have placed yard signs that say “Congratulations, a Senior lives here, 2020!”.

I recently went to visit a client and we chatted through their front screen door. I kept my distance and just played a little catch up, when they told me they had built a raised garden bed but couldn’t get to the store to get any seeds. A couple days later I showed up with a bag of the plants they wanted to grow. They were overjoyed! Also, a sweet family that recently brought home and a newborn needed some maternal supplies, and I was able to drop off same day! The lower amount of exposure for them the better. Even without seeing their faces, I know they were so appreciative. I’m grateful to help any way I can, whether it’s in big or small ways.

Is there anything that you’re doing now to work on your business that maybe you haven’t done before?

This has been a great opportunity for us to work on our team foundation, putting together marketing, and submitting necessary paperwork for it to be official. It has also given us an opportunity to write personal notes to all of our distant clients/friends.

What is something that you’ve learned during this unique time that you’ll incorporate into your life moving forward? 

Relationships are the foundation of our community. Our everyday life often disrupts the daily conversations we get to have with our closest neighbors. This season has given everyone a chance to slow down and enjoy the precious part of life, time. Going forward we will still have family time, but with more presence and no phones. Our family has started a morning yoga routine and I plan to keep that going!

What new concerns are you hearing from your clients right now? How are you helping address them? 

“We are waiting to put our house on the market until after the restrictions lift.” My advice to them is we are in a fast-changing market, COVID-19 has made our inventory even more scarce and with that comes a strong selling market. I cannot predict how the market will look in 2-6 months, but I can tell you now it is moving, and the need to buy and sell is still there!

What is your top tip for being relentless during this time? 

Go the extra mile. What does that mean for me? It means making the trip to see the clients you don’t get to see every day, check in on their families and see how you can help. I never show up without a small gift, hand soap, donuts, lemonade… something! People won’t always remember what you say, but they will ALWAYS remember how you made them feel.

BONUS: What is the first thing you’re going to do once the local shelter in place orders have been lifted? 

We will go have dinner at a local mom and pop restaurant followed by ice cream at our famous local ice cream eatery!

The Relentless Agent Awards celebrate all of the ways that C21 Agents deliver extraordinary experiences to their clients and make the home buying or selling process a memorable one. Are you a client who recently has an amazing experience with a CENTURY 21 Agent? We want to know! Click here to submit a nomination for a deserving Agent today.


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