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Securing the #1 spot as a top performer may not be easy, but it’s possible. Success isn’t necessarily something that just happens to you. It’s actually, quite the contrary. When you get the opportunity to learn the ropes from others who have implemented key methods that have helped them become #1 in their field, you can’t help but notice a theme. #WhatIf there are methods you could execute, day to day, and mindsets you could put into practice, right now, that could elevate your game 121%? #WhatIf you had the chance to sit down with a seasoned entrepreneur who has weathered the uncertainties of life and business and has come out on top?

Here’s your chance. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with someone who’s taken success, by the horns, and hasn’t looked back. Joe Villaescusa is not only the Owner of CENTURY 21 Allstars in Pico Rivera, California, but he’s a top performer; and not just any top performer but, a #relentless one.

Don’t believe us? Read on.

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Last year, Joe’s office closed over $18 million in sales with over 1800 closings. If that’s not enough, CENTURY 21 AllStars is on track to knock it out of the park again this year. To top that off (we know, right?) Joe has recovered from COVID19 and has worked each day to regain his momentum and build his strength. As you can see, it’s not just Joe’s tenacity but it’s the grit and grind mindset he’s taken on, day in and day out.

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So here’s what you’ve been waiting for. Here are our top three confessions from Joe that he says has helped him to become a #1:

  1. Show yourself accountable every day.- “We didn’t get into this business to be average.” Joe believes you don’t become complacent overnight. Over time, when you aren’t accountable to mentors and leaders, complacency can have a way of sneaking up on you. Allowing this to go on without the right accountability can lead to an overall lack of motivation before you realize it. Surround yourself with others who have reached milestones and goals, you’d like to achieve, to help you to push yourself and remain motivated.
  2. Remove your choices so you have to do it “this way.”- When you have too many options, it can become second nature to choose the easiest route. The housing market crash of 2006, Joe says, helped him to develop a discipline in making decisions to help with his personal development and the growth of his business. “When your options are eliminated, you are forced to make decisions with what you have,” Joe says. During the crash, the options available to expand Joe’s business was greatly diminished. This put him in a position to have to choose the more difficult routes, in making day to day decisions. He’s been able to carry this mindset with him, even after the market made a turn for the better. When making decisions, it’s not uncommon to have a mix of easier and difficult choices among your options. Try removing the easier choices that don’t carry character developing challenges.
  3. Get enough sleep.- This goes without saying. According to the CDC, one-third of adults don’t get enough sleep. Joe recommends getting a good night’s rest to get your day started bright and early. “If you can get out of the bed, you are 50% of the way there,” he says.  Being intentional about getting adequate rest can help avoid playing the “catch up game” and set your things in motion to start your days off strong.

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It’s a slow and steady pace that can lead one to a #1 spot but it’s not impossible. Be patient with your journey and surround yourself with others that are crushing goals you hope to accomplish. Being intentional about your growth and success is key and can help you #AlwaysElevate your game!


Century 21 Real Estate Alliance

Century 21 Real Estate Alliance

Century 21 Real Estate Alliance is the largest Century 21 franchise in California with 9 locations across the San Francisco Bay Area.

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