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In October of 2020, David Walsh and Juan Sanchez set out to launch CENTURY 21 Bear Facts Realty in Denver, Colorado. They met over 20 years ago, while both in real estate. David and Juan are both passionate about the empowerment of others, with strong beliefs in the importance of representation and inclusivity. Setting their intentions early on, both David and Juan have had their sights on building culture from the ground up.

After only 8 months, David and Juan have attracted over 20 agents from diverse backgrounds. They’ve taken their knowledge and experience to fill what they call gaps in the market for those who are underrepresented. They believe that knowing and understanding their agents, and what they’re trying to do with their businesses, will help them provide more tailored and customized training to fit each of their agent’s individual needs. David and Juan have strong beliefs that it’s very important to affiliate people who represent, look like, sound like, and think like the clients they are serving in the marketplace, across a broad spectrum of life.

“It has been inspiring to see the growth of our new office since October 2020. As a diversity-based, Latin-owned and LGBT-run new business Juan and I felt strongly about our role in the community and the importance of our agent family being as representative of the broad spectrum of clients they serve.”- David Walsh, Co-Owner of CENTURY 21 Bear Facts Realty

Inclusivity and Representation Matter image 1The grand opening of CENTURY 21 Bear Facts Realty. Watch a video from David here.

CENTURY 21 Bear Facts Realty is a 2020 Inclusive Ownership Organization, and when we asked David what that means to him and Juan, he spoke to the bigger picture of how he foresees making an impact outside the four walls of their brand-new office. With a heart for community outreach, the agents of C21 Bear Facts Realty are intentional about reaching out to volunteer and serve others in their market, and to work with other LGBTQ+ and minority-owned businesses to create more representation, and community, as a larger entity.

“Our agent count has grown rather quickly and we have professionals who can serve clients in English, Spanish, German, Czech, Russian, and even Southern Drawl. We have affiliated amazing gay and straight agents in roughly equal numbers and created a collaborative and supportive office environment that values and respects everyone, regardless of their background and lifestyle.” – David Walsh, Co-Owner of CENTURY 21 Bear Facts Realty

Juan is the networker, out of the two, and by David’s own account, Juan has never met a committee he didn’t like. Juan is a part of NAHREP and belongs to the Gay Alliance of Real Estate, and he’s intentional about building those meaningful connections with various organizations to further their efforts of LGBTQ+ representation in real estate.

David and Juan hold to their authenticity and decided on a more tactical approach to building their team. What’s their secret? When we asked David and Juan, their answer was simple. David says, “We decided to take more of a grassroots approach. It’s about building and helping others grow their LGBTQ+ businesses. We are allies with the LGBTQ+ community and other less-represented markets. The companies we partner with, the photographer all the way down to the closing gifts our agents provide to their clients are other LGBTQ+ businesses. This is an effort to cross-market and build partnerships for broader SEO efforts.”

Inclusivity and Representation Matter image 2

Juan, having previously owned a brokerage, shared that since affiliating with CENTURY 21 Real Estate, he’s felt more empowered and supported, by the brand, to help other agents recognize their potential. Juan shared that being a part of C21 has given him an additional value proposition when connecting with agents who, he feels, are the right fit for their office. Leveraging the brand power of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, Juan feels, the tools provided help bring out and empower who they are.

“Real Estate is a very personal business; you make your business your own. If you’re not really being your true self, how can you succeed in your business?” – Juan Sanchez, Co-Owner of CENTURY 21 Bear Facts Realty

David believes that as the country looks different, lives different, and talks different, that it’s important to be capable of helping others achieve the dream of homeownership.

“Less than a year into our fledgling business and partnership with Century 21 [Real Estate], we have already made a difference to a wide swath of the Denver real estate market, learned a lot, and had a great time doing it. This is exactly why Juan and I started this endeavor and this is just the beginning! We can’t wait to grow into what comes next for our team and our business.”– David Walsh, Co-Owner of CENTURY 21 Bear Facts Realty


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